Working Longer

By Bryan Slovon | November 14, 2017

Ah, the life questions we face. Young adults contemplate which college to attend and how that might affect their future. Women – and increasingly often, men – ponder whether to stay home and raise children, work or both. People contemplate job changes and relocations. And then, of course, a big question: When should I retire?…

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Economic Growth Prospects for the Future

By Bryan Slovon | November 7, 2017

Are life-changing innovations a thing of the past in the United States? While today’s technology seems to advance in leaps and bounds, one economist believes it won’t change the fabric of the average American’s life the way inventions like electricity, indoor plumbing and the elevator did in the 20th century.1 Yes, the internet is an…

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Family and Financial Planning for Natural and Man-Made Disasters

By Bryan Slovon | November 1, 2017

Disasters can strike with little notice. Some are the product of mother nature, such as Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria.  Others, like the recent Equifax breach, are man-made. While these two disasters may seem to have little in common, what they do share is the personal and financial devastation that they left in their wake. The hurricanes devastated many peoples homes and lives. In Hurricane Harvey alone – early estimates found that 230,000 homes were damaged and almost 13,000 of them were destroyed. The physical damage inflicted by Harvey was enormous, but the emotional fallout for all those directly impacted is harder to quantify. Losing your home, possessions, and peace-of-mind is an unfathomable experience. While homes can be repaired and rebuilt, items such as old family photos and heirlooms are priceless and irreplaceable. The Equifax breach impacted the personal data of over 4.6 million consumers, leaving those affected fearing fraud and identity theft. Dire concerns about the health of your financial future can produce much anxiety, which only adds to the stress of a recent disaster. Both disasters left millions feeling afraid and vulnerable. Although it is always difficult to minimize burden and increase feelings of confidence and security after a disaster, being proactive and putting an emergency readiness plan into place before one strikes, is invaluable when you are putting the pieces back together after a disaster hits home.  

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Wealth and Income: Some Tax Implications

By Bryan Slovon | October 31, 2017

What do Michael Bloomberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mitt Romney all have in common? When they held public office, each accepted only $1 in annual compensation. President Trump also has chosen to forgo his pay, donating his first-quarter salary – minus an amount for taxes – to the National Parks Service.1 Taxes were deducted from the…

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Monitoring Insurance Needs Is a Good Policy

By Bryan Slovon | October 24, 2017

Life insurance is something you purchase, then hopefully don’t need to use until many years down the road. But that doesn’t mean you should stop paying attention to it. As you age, it’s important to monitor the policies you own. Some policies may no longer be needed, while others may be needed now more than…

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Legislative Updates

By Bryan Slovon | October 17, 2017

With so much attention focused on the rifts among and between political parties and the news media, it may seem as if little actual legislation is making its way through our democratic process. However, while President Trump’s major initiatives – Affordable Care Act repeal, tax reform and infrastructure improvements – haven’t been enacted, Trump has…

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Increasing Peace of Mind in Retirement

By Bryan Slovon | September 14, 2017

Retirement is a time of possibilities. After a lifetime of working and saving, opportunities abound to spend more time with family and friends, renew connections to local community and revisit lifelong hobbies and interests (along with discovering and exploring new ones). A chance to reinvent oneself in a comfortable retirement- with all the knowledge and wisdom earned throughout the working years – is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves. Those who enter retirement with a vision of how they will actively spend these years have a greater chance of avoiding the doldrums associated with having ample time but not enough structure. The ability to visualize retirement is also key in keeping anxiety at bay during all phases of the planning process.

Planning for retirement can feel daunting in the current economic climate. The security that previous generations may have felt easing into retirement is lost on many currently planning for their life after work. A recent BUILDER article reports that over three-quarters of respondents fear that current economic conditions threaten their chances of retiring securely. Being able to retire how one wants is important, but being able to retire when one wants is also a top priority. All of this uncertainty can be very stressful, and even the most careful planning can’t sidestep the unexpected. However, being able to visualize retirement can help give peace of mind about how to achieve it. Taking the proper steps can help achieve a successful and less stressful planning process.

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Retirement: Loneliness Can Sneak Up on You

By Bryan Slovon | August 1, 2017

Even people who have spent a lot of time planning for retirement may encounter unexpected challenges once they’re in those golden years. They focus on retirement income planning, which is, of course, important and appropriate — and we can help you there. They also focus on things they want to do while they’re still in…

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Considerations for Retiring Couples

By Bryan Slovon | July 25, 2017

Retirement is another chapter in your life; one that requires not only planning but day-to-day maintenance once you get there. And if you have a partner in life, it’s important to remember that your retirement, like a tandem bike, is built for two.   Planning for your own retirement is complicated enough, but doing so…

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The Influence of Work

By Bryan Slovon | July 18, 2017

Work offers a confluence of possibilities, ranging from satisfaction to frustration to, many days, a little of both. If you work during retirement, here’s an interesting revelation: Social Security taxes are deducted from your work paycheck even if you’re already drawing benefits. For a lot of retirees, wages from some type of job represent a…

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