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RETIRE STRONG: Preserve and
Protect Your Wealth & Leave a Legacy

Learn Strategies to Be in Control of Your Money and Financial Future in Retirement

Important topics we’ll discuss:*

  • Discover how ‘stress testing’ your portfolio can help you plan for future market corrections
  • Learn why and how to maximize Social Security benefits and develop an estate strategy
  • Assessing your current situation and sources of retirement income
  • Minimizing income taxes with proactive tax planning
  • Preparing for the unexpected
  • Addressing estate and legacy issues
  • Are you working with a retirement specialist? How to find out if you are
  • Strategies to help handle the substantial tax burden of qualified retirement accounts

Topics covered are best suited for investors with portfolios of $250,000 or greater. These events are designed for individuals ages 55 and above. All attendees should be nearing retirement or currently in retirement. Our policy is to give preferential seating first to first-time attendees. Married guests must attend together. A representative of Stuart Financial Group will be contacting you to confirm the details of your reservation and dinner options.

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