Market Update: April 4, 2023 Banking Crisis Fears Dim; Markets Rally, Plus SFG News and Events

Stocks rallied last week on receding fears of a widening banking crisis, led by resurging investor interest in technology and communication services names.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 3.22%, while the Standard & Poor’s 500 added 3.48%. The Nasdaq Composite index rose 3.37% for the week. The MSCI EAFE index, which tracks developed overseas stock markets, advanced by 3.34%.1,2,3

Tech Leads Rally

An absence of further bad news in the banking sector made for a good week, with high-quality technology and communication services stocks leading the market. While easing banking worries laid the groundwork for the week’s positive gains, growing conviction that Fed rate hikes were ending and positive inflation data out of Europe helped support the renewed enthusiasm for stocks.

Encouraging inflation data on the domestic front on Friday also added to the gathering optimism, igniting further gains to cap a satisfying week for investors.

Inflation Grinds Lower 

In an otherwise news-light week, Friday saw the release of February’s personal income and outlays report, which provides insight into inflation and consumer expenditures, the dominant contributor to economic growth.

The Personal Consumption Expenditures Price Index (PCE), the Fed’s preferred measure of inflation, rose 0.3% for the month, below market expectations and below the prior month’s 0.6% jump. The year-over-year increase of 5.0% improved from January’s rise of 5.3%. Energy prices declined, partially offsetting increases in food, goods, and services. Personal income rose 0.3%, while consumer spending increased 0.2%.4

This Week: Key Economic Data

Monday: Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing Index.

Tuesday: Factory Orders. Job Openings and Turnover Survey (JOLTS).

Wednesday: ADP (Automated Data Processing) Employment Report. Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Services Index.

Thursday: Jobless Claims. 

Friday: Employment Situation.

Source: Econoday, March 31, 2023
The Econoday economic calendar lists upcoming U.S. economic data releases (including key economic indicators), Federal Reserve policy meetings, and speaking engagements of Federal Reserve officials. The content is developed from sources believed to be providing accurate information. The forecasts or forward-looking statements are based on assumptions and may not materialize. The forecasts also are subject to revision.

This Week: Companies Reporting Earnings

Wednesday: Conagra Brands (CAG).

Thursday: Constellation Brands (STZ).

Source: Zacks, March 31, 2023
Companies mentioned are for informational purposes only. It should not be considered a solicitation for the purchase or sale of the securities. Investing involves risks, and investment decisions should be based on your own goals, time horizon, and tolerance for risk. The return and principal value of investments will fluctuate as market conditions change. When sold, investments may be worth more or less than their original cost. Companies may reschedule when they report earnings without notice.

SFG News & Events

Passover is a time of reflection and joy.

When we emerge from our cocoon of

doubt to fly freely on the wings of faith.

Happy Passover!

Food For Thought

“Our destiny is in our hands […] So let’s build the future we all know is possible. Let’s prove to our children that they really can reach for their dreams.”

-Michelle Obama

Tax Tip
What is the IRS Alternative Media Center?

The IRS Alternative Media Center offers a variety of resources and accessibility services for visually impaired taxpayers. Using this platform, they provide tax-related content in several formats, including:

Braille-ready files (available in English and Spanish)
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The IRS also offers enhanced accessibility services. Taxpayers can complete Form 9000, Alternative Media Preference, to choose how they would prefer to receive their tax notices (ex: in Braille, large print, audio, or electronic formats). They also have an accessibility helpline that can answer questions related to accessibility services.

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Healthy Living Tip
Controlling Different Kinds of Light to Help You Sleep Better

Controlling your environment, including your exposure to light, may help you sleep better at night.

Increase bright light exposure during the day
We know it’s beneficial to keep your room dark while you sleep, but it’s also helpful to get more bright light throughout the day! This contrast may help reset your circadian rhythm.

Reduce blue light exposure at least an hour before bed
Blue light may make it hard for our brains to relax and go to sleep. Because of this, some sleep experts recommend limiting blue light at least an hour before bedtime. You can also turn “night mode” on, giving your device screens a gentler yellowish hue than blue light.

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Weekly Riddle

Two couples played paintball. Each person had blue, green, yellow, or red paint, and wore a uniform in one of those same colors. Barbara used blue paint. The person wearing green used yellow paint. Steven did not wear the red uniform. Vicki used green paint and wore blue. Ian used the same color paint as his t-shirt. Can you match each person to the color of paint and uniform they used?

Last week’s riddle: Name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday.  Answer: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

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Investing involves risks, and investment decisions should be based on your own goals, time horizon, and tolerance for risk. The return and principal value of investments will fluctuate as market conditions change. When sold, investments may be worth more or less than their original cost.

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